Abraham Kuyper Collected Works in Public Theology

Lexham Press is pleased to announce the publication of a major series of new translations of Abraham Kuyper’s key works in public theology. Never before available in English, these works will introduce a new audience to the thoughts of one of Christianity’s most thoughtful public theologians.

Comprised of 8 key works spread over 12 volumes, this series will be made available in both a high-quality hardback edition and an enhanced electronic Logos edition.

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Abraham Kuyper

About Abraham Kuyper

Abraham Kuyper (1837–1920) was one of the most extraordinary individuals of his time. A prolific intellectual and theologian, he founded the Free University in Amsterdam and was instrumental in the development of Neo-Calvinism. He was also an active politician, serving as a member of Parliament in the Netherlands beginning in 1874 and serving as Prime Minister from 1901 to 1905.

At this intersection of church and state, he devoted much of his writing towards developing a public theology. His passion was to faithfully understand and engage culture through a Christian worldview. The most famous example is his articulation of the doctrine of common grace. His work has influenced countless others, including Francis Schaeffer, Cornelius Van Til, and Alvin Plantinga.

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Pro Rege: Living Under Christ the King: Volume 1

Pro Rege, Vol 1

In Pro Rege, Kuyper shows how the kingship of Christ affects all areas of life, building upon the work he began in Common Grace. In his view, seeing Jesus as King is foundational to bridging the gap between the believer’s life inside the church and outside the church. In this first volume, Kuyper examines how the kingdom of Satan opposes, undermines, and obscures the kingship of Christ. He follows this by laying out the Scriptural foundation for the kingship of Christ and beginning to uncover its implications for all of creation.

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Common Grace: God’s Gifts for a Fallen World: Volume 1

Common Grace, Vol 1

In Common Grace Abraham Kuyper presents a constructive public theology of cultural engagement rooted in the humanity Christians share with the rest of the world. He addresses a gap in the development of Reformed teaching on divine grace, and he articulates a Reformed understanding of God’s gifts that are common to all people after the fall into sin.

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Our Program: A Christian Political Manifesto

Our Program

In Our Program: A Christian Political Manifesto, Kuyper frames his Christian political vision, distinguished from the programs of the nineteenth-century modernists who took their cues from the French Revolution. It was this work that launched his celebrated career as pastor, theologian, and educator.

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Praise for Common Grace

General Editors

Jordan J. Ballor

(ThD, University of Zurich; PhD, Calvin Theological Seminary)

Jordan is a research fellow at the Acton Institute and serves as executive editor of the Journal of Markets and Morality. He is also associate director of the Junius Institute for Digital Reformation Research at Calvin Theological Seminary.

Melvin Flikkema

(PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary)

Melvin is Senior Advisor at the Acton Institute. He coordinated the translation of the Abraham Kuyper Collected Works in Public Theology. He was previously the Provost of Kuyper College.